Discovering visual art from contemporary artists. Exploring new concepts of art to understand the reality of our world.

We believe every object is considerable as art if it allows whose discovering it to forget about the obstacles of life, “freeing the individual from paralysing affective scruples, comforts him and makes him understand that the obstacle he might have thought unsurmountable is cleared”


Dedicated to discovering visual art from contemporary artists, GALLERIA OBJETS is a space where new concepts of art are explored to deepen our understanding of the reality of our world. We seek to challenge traditional notions of art and embrace innovative expressions that reflect the ever-evolving nature of human creativity.

Just as artists challenge conventional norms and expectations, we aim to create a space where artistic boundaries are pushed and where new possibilities emerge. Our goal is to provide a platform for artists to experiment, grow, and connect with audiences who are eager to experience art that inspires, challenges, and provokes thought.


92, Brick Lane, E16LY LONDON