A show by Steve Seagull with Galleria Objets

Steve, renowned for his graffiti writing, has immersed himself in a vibrant and diverse culture, sharing and exchanging artistic visions with numerous creatives in London and around the world.

Through his travels and local interactions, he has enriched the global artistic community by bridging different styles and perspectives.

The concept of painting dogs emerged around 4-5 years ago, triggered by a significant event in his life. This event rekindled a long-held, yet unfulfilled, dream of owning and caring for a dog—a dream that, for various reasons, he was never able to realize.

In the wake of this personal experience, the artist devoted himself to drawing, moving away from digital mediums and creative devices. This shift allowed for a free flow of creativity, leading him to draw dogs, which provided him comfort.

Having always drawn characters, it was a natural transition for them to evolve into dogs. This compelling urge to paint dogs persisted, even as the artist’s life evolved. With the challenges of youth transforming into the complexities of adulthood, he decided to finally share “Steve’s Dogs” with the world.

As the artist often quotes Charles Bukowski, “Dogs and angels are not very far apart.” We invite you to come and experience these heartfelt and imaginative works, and perhaps find your own connection to the charming canines that have become a central part of the artist’s journey.

You can download the catalogue of the show here:

Please feel free to reach out for any information or enquiry.